Mr.President... I salute you.

Sitting at work. Listening to Barack Obama give his acceptance speach.
"America is a friend of each nation"
"Americans must play a role in entering into the new generation of peace"

"The world has changed and we must change with it"
"this moment, this moment that will define a generation..."
"who we are and how far we have traveled..."
"God Bless the United States of America"


A new year.

Now that it's 2009, I can look back at 2008 with some really great memories!

January: I celebrated 2008 with the people I love in the place that is oh so familiar, my dads house. I ended my year long journal of photographed food. It was bitter sweet.

February: I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a few days with the ladies from work. All expense paid! It was fun. We stayed in the Palms, ate at the Belliago, and saw the Blue Man group.

March: It was Ant's 20th bday. I did fun things i'm sure. But March seems to draw a blank.

April: I went on a Mexican Cruise with my mom, Brady, Brit, Darkin, and another family. It was a blast. Sailing away on the Pacific Blue and making stops at some of the Mexican favorites: Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallerta, Mazzatalan. Perfect. Plus I started my summer tan off early!

May: I graduated from Sierra College with my AA in Liberal Arts. It was nice to finally have something under my belt. Lacie also told me about New Zealand in the month and I committed without knowing much!

June: So i might have gone to Mexico twice this year. This time with Ant, Terrie, Robert, and another couple. It was a blast. We just went to Cabo and I relaxed in the warm Mexican sun. At this point in the year I'm feeling a little spoiled by how much I have done but that doesn't stop me! :)

July: Ant and I take a nice weekend trip to Lake Tahoe for the Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick concert. That was the best concert of my life! We also celebrated a firework-less 4th of July because of a lot of wild fires that took over our area and our air.

August: I might have gone up to Lake Tahoe again but this time for a wedding. I also had my usual fun at the fair! And celebrated some friends bdays with lots of fun and parties! I also decided not to take any classes for the first time the following semester. Yikes.

September: I turned 22. eekk. I also went on a weekend camp trip with some friends to Fort Bragg. I feel like I shouldn't complain about my life a single bit with the stuff I had the chance to do! Darkin turned 16! Crazy

October:Ant and I celebrated our 2 year anniversay with a wonderful sushi dinner. We also made the decision to move out together. We found a cute apartment that we agreed on. It was an excited step in my life. This year was full of them. Bert turned 20 as well.

November: We moved out on the 1st of this month. Paid our first month bills, shopped, cooked, cleaned, and slept in the same bed. All first. It's been fun. Had a great Thanksgiving and even got our very First Christmas tree!

December: Listened to Christmas music non-stop! Had a ton of Christmas spirit and was getting excited for NZ. Lost Anthony's grandpa. Celebrated Christmas. Said good bye to my home for a 2 week trip to NZ. Celebrated 2009 with new people, in a new place, and the first country to do so of 2009! I'm a lucky girl.
2008 might be my favorite year so far!! I hope there are much more like this!!!
Well I'm back from New Zealand!

I had an incredible time in the country of the long white cloud. It's a beautiful place full of adventure, excitement, and lovely people. I can't wait until I get the opportunity to go again, although it will never be how I experienced it this trip. I went with a close girlfriend on a study abroad program through the local college. I met a ton of neat people and I hope I stay friends with them for along time. When you share the experience of travel with people it's hard to let them go. I will get some pictures of up from the 2 week adventure soon!