Aids Walk 2009

The Aids Walk was 2 weeks ago in the Golden Gate park in San Francisco. It was an absolute beautiful day in the bay! The fog burned off early in the morning and left us with a warm yet breezy day in the bay. 
The walk was a lot of fun. It felt so good to be getting exercise and taking part of something good. I wish we could have raised more money (i'm a slacker) but there will always be next year.. I definitely plan on doing it again. It was awesome! It was a 6.2 mile walk and they had markers at each mile. 

After the walk all we could think about was getting down to the Embarcadero to get a clam chowder bread bowl! It was sooooo goood. And very much deserved. It was an awesome, long, tiring, and satisfying day. :)

   From the Boudins bakery on pier 39. delicious