I have GOOD news..No I didn't switch to Geico but my computer is now up and running!!! YAY!!!

Bad news is that I can't get my pictures and music from my external hard drive onto my new one.
One step at a time I suppose..

Expect lots of updates complete with new pictures! =) I feel so out of the loop!

I missed updating! I need to add all my pictures to facebook first. =) haha

Happy March!



Happy Valentines Day lovers!

(Anthony and I... 3 years ago?)

I had fantastic time in Nashville and I can't wait to rehash all the details. Until then, have a wonderful day.

It doesn't matter if you are single, married, or coupled...someone out there loves you! =)


weekend roundup!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!
I sure did.
-Went to the Apple store.. they told me my hard drive bit the dust. Good thing i backed up semi recently.
-Had dinner with Anthony at BJs. Met up with Erica, Brit, Leslie, and Chris at Mels for a milkshake.
-Coffee and bagels on a perfect Saturday!
-Went on a River hike.
-Yummy dinner. Fun times at the Bar with friends.
-Superbowl party and snackies galore.
Wish I could share pictures from the events but you understand. =)
In other news, I leave for Nashville, TN on Wednesday. Spending a few days there with a friend.
Any suggestions for must sees, do's and eats?
Would love to hear!
I hope to return with some fun pictures of the fun that will be had!


January 2011


Some of things that happened in the first month of the new year!

*The new year started off good.

Friends+Drinks+Dancing+Themed party+Fun Outfits

*The first week in January I drove down to LA with my friend, Leslie.

Lots of adventures in So Cal!

Plus seeing Erica (my sis) is always a great thing.

*When I came home, I was attacked by a horrible cold. I was down for 5 days with a temperature, achy body, headache.

Lingering cough and stuffy nose that is still here.

*Unseasonably warm weather! I think it rained 2 or 3 times in Jan.

It was wonderful. The sun is still shinning but it's definitely not as warm.

*Fun dates with Anthony.

Seeing a few good movies in theater.

Black Swan, No Strings Attached, and True Grit
*Fun adventures to Sacramento
*Bonfires galore!
*Dinner at my dads house
*Crab feed for the local Sportmans Club. YUMM! All you can eat!
January was pretty good (besides the whole being sick thing). I can't wait for whats in store for the rest of 2011. I have a feeling some pretty big things are going to happen in my life this year.
and now Happy February!
*sorry for the lack of pictures...my computer is still sick.



My computer is out of commission right now.
Trying to update my blog last night and I notice that it's running super slow. Hmm...
Grey screen of death.
Grey screen of death
"Anthony... HELP!"
He looked up solutions online and tried to work his magic on my computer to no avail.
Looks like I'm taking it to see the big guys at the Apple store. Wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday to you all.