About me.

I'm uber sensitive. 

I'm very emotional.

I feel strongly. 

I have high anxiety

But I do know that I'm smart. And that I'm beautiful. And that each freckle on my face was perfectly placed. And that my emotions are worth something. That I have a great things to say. That I'm strong: mind, body, and soul. That I can and will do something good with my life. 

And when I smile too big you can't even see my eyes.


summer weekend

I'm tired from relaxing.. has that ever happened to you?

This weekend I really didn't do anything too physical. I went camping 3 and 1/2 hours away in Nevada. At a place called Walker River Resort which is like a little desert oasis. I laid out in the sun by the pool that they have on the camp grounds, ate some food, read a little of my book (A million Little Pieces by James Frey), did one trip out on the dirt bike (yes, I kinda know how to ride), and basically relaxed some more. The sun does it to me. It drains out every bit of energy I might have. It was fun though and just what I needed which was to get away. On the way home Anthony and I stopped in Tahoe for lunch. I love Lake Tahoe. I wish we weren't pooped so we could have played there a bit longer.

This next weekend is the 4th of July! Yay!


Happy Sunday

This fella is going to be in town tomorrow for a race in my town... 30,000+ people are expected to come out to the small, narrow, crowded streets of Nevada City. I'm one of the crazy people that will attempt this tomorrow. Should be interesting. Oh btw, that's Lance Armstrong. ;)
Have a happy Sunday and Fathers day!


hot child in the city

So it's official... I get to take a trip this summer. Erica and I are going to Florida. :) Ft.Lauderdale and Orlando to be exact!!! We are going to try and drive down to Key West (weather permitting... august=prime hurricane month for Florida..JOY), enjoying some beach time in Miami, trying some yummy Cuban food, and playing at Disney World for a day, and lets not forget shopping!! Then we plan on driving up through Georgia (hitting Savannah and possibly Atlanta), South Carolina and then stopping in Charlotte, North Carolina where our friend Tony lives. I can't wait to try some Southern food, BBQ included! We plan on flying home from Charlotte but I kinda of have an idea working up in my mind.... I think it would be fun to head up to Washington, DC and have Anthony fly in and meet me there, spend a few days checking out the sites. Then take a train up to NYC! How fabulous would that be? We will see about that though..

If it doesn't work out, Ant and I are still planning a trip for NYC for later in the year. Oct-Nov 09.

This summer is shaping up to be a good one. Bring on the heat!


My actual Bike

So I didn't end up getting the bike I originally wanted. I ended up with this sweet Cannondale! I love the white even though I was really set on the orange. The reason I didn't get the other bike was because they didn't have anymore in stock and they can't order anymore from Specialized because they aren't sure if they will be making that bike for 2010. I ended up really liking this bike and it ended up being an upgrade for a few dollars more. Sweet! Can't wait to ride!


my bike

This is the bike I'm going to be picking up this weekend. I'm pretty excited. Isn't it cute? Haha I love the orange! I'm buying local so hopefully it's in stock and we can get it set up that day! Check it out here on the Specialized website.


Good news.

So a few things...

Yesterday at the gym I did 3 miles on the treadmill in 28 minutes. Whooo!

Then today I went to the gym again and did the same thing in 26 minutes and 55 seconds! woot!

I feel myself doing this damn
thing. I imagine myself getting fit, feeling good, and loving to exercise! (I'm using the secret and positive affirmations...)

I need to just start by getting in better shape and then starting to incorporate the bike and swimming into my routine. I'm going to get my bike this next Saturday. :) And once the weather gets more warm I will be going out to the lake and start my swimming. I'm excited.

On a different note: Today the ladies and I went for a walk to a near by farmers market. I bought some freshly made pesto and some beautiful strawberries.
For dinner tonight I made an incredible pizza. I bought a boboli pizza crust (I'm just too lazy to make my own after going to the gym), mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and used the red onion i bought at last weeks farmers market. I used the pesto as the sauce. Combined. Baked. Bam! Awesome pizza was had. I love when food comes together perfectly...


Self Doubt

I'm having a little bit of self doubt right now.

I'm planning on doing the BSM triathlon again this year but this time I wanted to try and do it by myself. Last year I did it as a team and I was the swimmer. It was a lot of fun and I was exhausted after doing just one event of the three. I just need to believe in myself a little more and I need to start training... ya, ya i know.. I haven't really started training yet either which is where a lot of the self doubt is coming from too. I'm going to the gym tonight after work though and I will push myself harder than I normally do. I'm out of shape. I will be the first to admit it. But that is why I want to do the triathlon.. I want to have a goal, something to work towards to make myself exercise. It's a chore for me.. I want to love running, biking, and just being physical in general. I want to be active and have an active lifestyle. I need to start changing my ways now because it's only going to get more hard as I get older.

Team Snap, Crackle, Pop BSM Triathlon 2008. Liz the biker, me the swimmer, and Erica the runner. Yay!


Some things I want at this moment:

-to leave work early to go to the bank and deposit my monies

-frozen yogurt with mochi and fresh fruit

-a mountain bike so i can start training for the triathlon (September 20th FYI)

-strength for the gym tonight

-a big bowl of pasta or a slice of thin crust pineapple pizza

I think that it is all.. for now :)