summer weekend

I'm tired from relaxing.. has that ever happened to you?

This weekend I really didn't do anything too physical. I went camping 3 and 1/2 hours away in Nevada. At a place called Walker River Resort which is like a little desert oasis. I laid out in the sun by the pool that they have on the camp grounds, ate some food, read a little of my book (A million Little Pieces by James Frey), did one trip out on the dirt bike (yes, I kinda know how to ride), and basically relaxed some more. The sun does it to me. It drains out every bit of energy I might have. It was fun though and just what I needed which was to get away. On the way home Anthony and I stopped in Tahoe for lunch. I love Lake Tahoe. I wish we weren't pooped so we could have played there a bit longer.

This next weekend is the 4th of July! Yay!

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