2011: a year in review.

It's here again.. a new year! They say when you get older the years go by faster and faster.. and I'm going to have to agree. 2011 went by fast!! I would say that it was the year that I first felt grown up. Sure I have been paying my own bills for awhile now but there was just something about turning 25 that made it seem so real. 

Take a journey with me as I look back at my year. =) 
(please this took forever! haha) 

January: Started off the new year with good people and a fun night. Then a few days later my friend, Leslie and I drove down to Orange County to spend a few days with my sister, Erica. As soon as I got home I came down with the worst cold of the year. Then a couple days later my darn hard drive crashed.... that was fun...NOT! All in all, i would say it was a good way to kick off the new year.

This photo made it onto photobomb.com too! 

February: For being short month I sure did a lot. I went to Nashville, TN for the first time. My friend asked if I wanted to go so I said yes without giving it much thought! My sister and her boyfriend came up from LA for a visit. We had super warm weather followed by a huge snow storm the next week. I also spend the weekend in the bay area with my friend Leslie. We saw Avenue Q in SF and hung out in the east bay.

March: We celebrated Anthony's 23rd birthday with a big party at our place. We also went up to Weaverville for a cousins wedding. I traveled to SF with a co-worker to see Rock of Ages the broadway musical. Also had a fun girls night, several date nights, and most exciting we booked our flight for Costa Rica!!

April: Spent the first weekend of April in South Lake Tahoe with a group of friends. Ant and I found our backpacks that we took to Costa Rica. Attended the Red Light ball. Also, celebrated Easter with family. April was mostly getting ready for Costa Rica and being super excited!

May: The month started off with a scary doctors appointment that ended up being fine.
We took family pictures and I saw Zack Brown Band in concert. This month was one of my favorites because Anthony and I went to COSTA RICA!!! When we got back from Costa Rica we met up with my sister and her boyfriend in San Francisco!  Anthony and I had an awesome vacation! It was tough to come back to the real world.

JUNE: Kicked off summer on a high note! First weekend in June was cold and miserable though and also this years Relay for Life. The weather finally took a turn and I got to spend time at a friends house sunbathing. We might have had a whole pitcher of Sangria. There was a few family graduations. We also attended a fun event called the Solstice. A friend also hosted a themed party; Hillbilly front porch party! What a blast that was! =) Also got to spend some time out on the lake. =) 

July:  I got to attend a long time friends wedding before the 4th. It was lovely. I was having such a good summer but something had to bring me down to reality. I lost my grandma right after the 4th of July. It was hard. I have lost 3 grandparents in that last 2 years. =( 
I celebrated a friends birthday by going out to a fun dance club in Sacramento then spending the weekend on her families houseboat. Talk about a good time!! 
Anthony and I also went to Reno for my aunt and uncles luau party! 
Also took a fun road trip down to So Cal to visit my Sis. (go back to july to look at the post...too many to link) That was the best time and one to remember! 
And I'm still not done....
I also spent another weekend on a houseboat with Anthony's family. Lots of summer nights were spent walking around the farmers markets. And just really enjoying the season and taking in what my sweet town has to offer. I feel like I could keep going on about July! It was a good month besides the loss of my sweet grandma. RIP.

August: I believe August started off with going to the Eric Church concert with a group of friends. The following week was the annual Nevada County fair! Went to Downieville for the weekend for our annual family time. My grandpa likes to rent out a cabin and have us all enjoy it. This year he didn't get to stay because he had a minor stroke which was a real bummer. Anthony and I also went to a Rivercats game with Ken and Lacie. Many of the afternoons after i got off work were spent down at the River. This past August was a hot one!! The month ended with the Brew Fest! Basically 3 hours to try as many beers as possible. I can say that I didn't feel too good the next day. haha! 

September: It's my birthday month!! And I decided a few months prior that I was going to Las Vegas for my 25th birthday! It felt appropriate! But first we celebrated labor day weekend in Reno with the family since it's a tradition! Then 2 weeks later a group of my friends flew down to Vegas for a long weekend! And boy was it.... we had a good time for the most part. Some drama, a few disagreements, but that's normal... especially when booze is involved. As soon as I got back I pretty much turned right back around to the airport. I flew down to Orange county for a Relay For Life event. It was awesome, motivational, and exciting! Definitely something to remember! 

October: For my birthday Anthony got me tickets to two concerts for him and I to go to, Blink 182 and Incubus! What awesome shows! We had a date with my sister and her boyfriend at the pumpkin patch. And Anthony and I celebrated 5 years of coupleness. We celebrated in San Francisco. What a perfect weekend. Ended the month with a fun halloween party and then going to Reno for the Zombie Crawl!  

November: I think November was low key. There was the day i took a drive to look at the lovely fall colors, went to a friends wedding which was beautiful, went to my sisters house warming party, had a busy and full Thanksgiving, hung out with all the family, and just really enjoyed the slower days of fall. 

December: And here we are.... Christmas Tree hunt, Santa crawl, Christmas lights, family dinners, christmas music, baking cookies, my parents new puppy, seeing most of the family throughout the month, and enjoying every last day of 2011. My last day of 2011 will be spent in Reno bringing in the new year with my cousins, Anthony, and friends. 

What a incredible year. I'm thankful for all the fun times I have had this past year. 

I'm thankful for the things that aren't on my blog like my weekly lunch with coworkers, having a job, shopping with my mom, visiting with my sister, reading in bed with Anthony, random dinners at mine and anthonys families houses, movie nights with friends, random friday nights at the bar, and this list could seriously go on and on. I wish I could remember every detail of this year but I will live through the picture I do have and the things that stood out above the rest. 

I hope 2011 was a good year for everyone... with the bad, the heartache, happiness, joy, laughter, and tears. Wishing a fond farewell and welcoming a new year! 

Cheers, friends!