county fair!

It's that time of year again... Fair time!!

Our county fair is in town for 5 days and it's seriously the best fair (maybe a little bias). I go everyday... normally just for dinner and to hangout with friends. We have the most beautiful fairgrounds too. Voted one of the top 10 most beautiful fairgrounds in California!
I have been going since I was a little girl so it's just a yearly traditional. It also signifies to most kids that school is about to start. So i still get butterflies when the fair comes to town like school is about to start.


Do you guys go to your county or state fair when it comes to town?


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

this looks so fun!! x

Libby said...

ok i'm glad i'm not the only "nerd" that goes to her towns fair!! i seriously get soo excited to go to the fair even though it always kinda sucks. i've collected a button every single year since i was born so i now have 26! our fair ground is in a soccer field so we def. would not get voted prettiest site, haha.

Libby said...

and the next town over-ish (Ventura) is having their county fair right now too! its huge and has all the animals etc. we were supposed to go last night to see the Beach Boys but I had a rechid migraine and couldnt go :(

(and the pic isnt our save the dates, those were taken at an open house with a free photobooth. i love them though!)

kimbirdy said...

aw that fair! i love county fairs. when i was little we used to go where we lived in wisconsin. then when i lived in san francisco, we would head up north to the one in santa rosa. that one was fun because not only were there rides, fun food, and magic shows, but there were also horse races {which we definitely didn't have in WI}. oh and we got to meet the cows from clover farms where we buy our dairy! oh yes, the fair is totally exciting! :)

Erica said...

don't know if i told ya...BUT the OC doesn't really compare! it's more like the state fair a lot of asphalt and basically the only animals that i saw were goats! but i got to tell our goat milking story :)

alicia said...

I will for sure be going to mine :)