I'm sitting in an airport right now. Waiting for my flight to Long Beach. I took the week off. The first part of the week was spent in Downieville, CA. You probably have never heard of it. It's a small gold mining town, population 200. My family rented a house up there. It's serene, magical, beautiful, boring, and relaxing. Now for the later part of the week I head down to LA. I'm visiting my sister Erica, who works at Disneyland. It's her birthday. I never thought I could go from one extreme to another in just one week. The only thing that LA and Downieville have in common (in my mind) is that fact that they are both in California and that I have been to both.

Now it's time to board my plane. I look forward to posting pictures and such from the remaining parts of summer.


It's Fair time!

It's that time of year again... When the fair rolls into town.

I have been going to this fair every year since I was 11 months old. It's a tradition. I love the Nevada County fair. I feel like it's a pretty unique fair. All of the food booths at the fairgrounds are run by local clubs and groups so all the proceeds stay in our community. The corn dogs are seriously the best corn dogs in the world. And the baked potatoes aren't your average tater.

I will be out there everyday until Sunday. Eating my way down 'Treat Street'. I will be sure to post some pictures! :)

Wish me luck.




My cousin came down from Reno last Thursday and she wanted me and my sister to go salsa dancing with her and her cousin (other side of the family). I work Monday through Friday 8am-5pm everyday so I was a little hesitant but I decided that how often to I stay out late on the week nights. We drove down to Sacramento and got ready at her grandmas house.

We didn't get any pictures of us actually at the dance club dancing... but we did get a few group shots before. We looked cute. Salsa dancing is fun. Its not super difficult but I'm so awkward and goofy that I make a fool out of myself when trying to dance with someone. I found a few older guys there that were super nice and willing to help me out. And when I wasn't dancing with them I was busting out the footsteps and turns on my own.

I would definitely go again....even though I was super tired the next day. It was worth it!


Beer and Friends!

What: Brew Fest 2010

Where: Nevada County fairgrounds (the most beautiful fairgrounds in California!)

When: July 24th

Who: Anthony, Lacie, Ken, Alan, Veronica, and myself

Why:BEER is good and even better when it's unlimited and with good friends!

It was honestly one of the best days of the summer. There were about 25 different micro brewery's. I made my way through them all. :) there was music, food, sunshine, and attempts at cartwheels. My sister was our designated driver.
As you can tell this picture is the aftermath... we were walking to a pizza joint from my house. Haha! I'm so thankful for my friends, summer, and good times.


summer fun

This summer is flying by but that's probably because I'm having fun!

The weekend after Tahoe was a blast. I took that Friday off and headed out to the lake with a few girlfriends. One of my friends parents own a boat and houseboat and they let us use it for the weekend. It was super nice and relaxing.

I'm bummed because I didn't get any pictures from the lake. I brought my camera but when I turned it on the battery was dead. Darn!

I only stayed for one night because I had a concert to go to Saturday night. Anthony, his parents, and I headed to old town Sacramento and ate dinner at Joe's Crab shack then walked over to Raley field for the STEVE MILLER BAND concert! It was awesome! These guys put on a great show and Steve himself is still rocking. If you haven't heard of Steve Miller Band, I'm sure you at least know a few of their songs. "Fly like an Eagle" and "The Joker" are probably the most recognizable songs by them. I loved when he played "Wild Mountain Honey" though. Beautiful!

I love concerts! I hope I can go to more this year! I'm up to 4!