summer fun

This summer is flying by but that's probably because I'm having fun!

The weekend after Tahoe was a blast. I took that Friday off and headed out to the lake with a few girlfriends. One of my friends parents own a boat and houseboat and they let us use it for the weekend. It was super nice and relaxing.

I'm bummed because I didn't get any pictures from the lake. I brought my camera but when I turned it on the battery was dead. Darn!

I only stayed for one night because I had a concert to go to Saturday night. Anthony, his parents, and I headed to old town Sacramento and ate dinner at Joe's Crab shack then walked over to Raley field for the STEVE MILLER BAND concert! It was awesome! These guys put on a great show and Steve himself is still rocking. If you haven't heard of Steve Miller Band, I'm sure you at least know a few of their songs. "Fly like an Eagle" and "The Joker" are probably the most recognizable songs by them. I loved when he played "Wild Mountain Honey" though. Beautiful!

I love concerts! I hope I can go to more this year! I'm up to 4!

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Gabby said...

Wild Mountain Honey is one of my fave SMB songs! I grew up listening to Steve Miller, a little strange but I love him :)