camera blues.

Hi, Friends.

I'm sad to say that since I got my iphone I haven't pulled out my real camera.

It's actually depressing.

I love my iphone but there is something about taking out a real camera and focusing on the subject with a twist of the lens.

With that said, I pledge to myself to put the darn phone down and take some pictures with a real camera. I will start this coming weekend!

I'm headed down to Southern California on Thursday to visit my sister and friends. I'm really looking forward to getting away for the weekend!
I have been feeling a bit blue the past week or so. Not sure what's up but I think this might be the trick to pull me back...
Disneyland, good food, beach time, 75 degree weather, etc...

Bring it on!!! =)


to be brave.

I have been thinking about my goals for 2012 a lot lately. I'm not big on the new year resolution but there is definitely something to starting new and fresh...and making some changes in ones life. With that said, I figured out something that I really want to change in myself.....

 I want to stop being afraid!

I'm afraid of so many things...

I want to live my life and not be so afraid to fail...afraid to speak up...afraid to go after the things I want.

I'm 25 freaking years old...It's time!

I really like my life. It's comfortable. In all aspects.... I have a good job, a wonderful boyfriend, I'm able to do fun things....I'm very content.

I don't want to be content. I want to discover myself and the things I'm good at and I feel the thing holding me back from this self adventure is that I'm afraid. It's kind of a strange feeling.

I'm sure I'm not alone. A big part of my fear is that I'm shy. Always have been. I'm an introvert and I like to observe others but it's time to break out! =) I found this article while browsing the web...some good tips.

So there it is. My main goal for 2012 is to be less afraid, more outgoing, less shy, and to discover my passions in this little life of mine. I'm going to be BRAVE (my definition of that anyway).

Also I want to:
-travel more ( will get into more details later)
-save money
-learn my camera more and take more pictures
-be nicer to those i'm closest to
-drink more water



We had an awesome time we had in Reno bringing in 2012! What a year 2011 was that 2012 better step it up to compete. We started off the night with a big group dinner at a sushi restaurant, then went downtown to watch the fireworks at midnight, then to my cousins boyfriends house for a house party. 

I hope everyone else's new year eve was just as nice. 

Happy 2012!!