camera blues.

Hi, Friends.

I'm sad to say that since I got my iphone I haven't pulled out my real camera.

It's actually depressing.

I love my iphone but there is something about taking out a real camera and focusing on the subject with a twist of the lens.

With that said, I pledge to myself to put the darn phone down and take some pictures with a real camera. I will start this coming weekend!

I'm headed down to Southern California on Thursday to visit my sister and friends. I'm really looking forward to getting away for the weekend!
I have been feeling a bit blue the past week or so. Not sure what's up but I think this might be the trick to pull me back...
Disneyland, good food, beach time, 75 degree weather, etc...

Bring it on!!! =)


Minted Magazine said...

Aw hope you cheer up! And yes, nothing replaces a real camera.

Minted Magazine


iheartkiwi said...

I totally hear you! Instagram is just so darn easy and completely addicting.

I need to break out my SLR more too! Can't wait to see your photos :)

Erica said...

you did ok this weekend..... ;)