weekend roundup.

This last weekend was good. Most weekends are good but this one especially. 

Breaking Dawn was pretty darn good in my opinion! There was one really cheesy part that i laughed a lot at and thought they could have done something different (when the wolves are 'talking') but other then that they did good. Now we must wait a whole year for the last part. *le sigh*

On Saturday I attended a friends wedding. I love weddings. They are the best. It was a chilly day and looked like rain but the weather held off and they were able to do the ceremony outside with the reception in a lovely barn. After seeing the bride and groom off to their honeymoon the majority of us headed out to a local watering hole and celebrated the rest of the night. 

Sunday, I went shopping with my mom. I tried to do some Christmas shopping. I found a couple things for Anthony but that's it. I feel like all the weekends until Christmas are jammed packed too. We will see how this goes...

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week too! Time is on warped speed these days. I guess it just means I need to be more Thankful for each day that I have. *trying* =)

How was your weekend?? 


breaking dawn.

Well it happened... I have my first cold of the season. Oh Joy.....

I have been drinking Airborne and Emergen-C non stop and I just ordered the NeilMed Sinus Rinse with bottle. I have been wanting to try Neti pot for some time...I hope it works!

My body obviously didn't take into account that I'm busy and have a packed week and weekend ahead.

Who's going to go see Breaking Dawn on Friday??!! This girl is...sick or not! I went to the opening night of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse so it's only fitting that I keep the tradition going! I'm excited! They made us wait long enough... didn't they?
I just watched Twilight and New Moon. And Thursday my friend is coming over so we can watch Eclipse together! =)

Other things going on with me:

-Starting to plan next years Relay For Life.

-Going to a friends wedding on Saturday! I love going to weddings!

-Participating in the Turkey Trot that takes place Thanksgiving morning. I hope my cold is gone by then!


Here we are again..

I had a pretty darn good weekend. But I  think I'm coming down with something now. Bummer..

Friday one of my friends came over and we watched Twilight while painting our nails and drinking wine. We have to get ready for Breaking Dawn coming out this coming Friday! 

On Saturday, My mom, sis, and I went shopping and lunched. It was a lovely afternoon. Later that night, Anthony and I went down to Folsom for a birthday dinner and drinks. It was a really fun time. We didn't get home until almost 3am though. 

So needless to say I slept in on Sunday. And didn't really do a whole lot. Watched the 49ers win!! I also took a drive around town to take some pictures of the fall colors before they are all gone. It was a beautiful day! 

How was your weekend? 



Well apparently I only write updates on Fridays. Sorry about that. I have been in a real mood lately. I'm hoping with the change in temperature and the fact that I will be able to listen to Christmas music without it being early soon will change that. Seriously though, I put some Frank Sinatra on and my mood goes up a few notches! I love the holiday season.

I also want to give a shout out to all those Veterans out there! And to all those still serving! Thank you!! xoxo

This weekend I'm looking forward to:
-maybe catching a movie
-hanging out with my sister and mom

What about you? Doing anything fun?

*Old picture of Anthony and I. It's cute. =)




I'm thankful that we are at the end of another week! I have been in a real grumpy mood lately so hopefully the weekend will do my soul some good!

Tonight, I'm going to dinner to celebrate a friends 25th birthday, Saturday I'm going to my sisters housewarming party and Sunday, I'm going to RELAX! =)

We finally are getting some rain here in California! So in my mind it's officially fall! Enjoy the season and the WEEKEND!!