365 X 2


It's been two years since I've posted anything.

I don't know what happened. Well actually I do. I didn't have internet access at my house for 2 whole years. And that kind of hinders ones ability to blog.

But I have internet again! And life's different and it's scary and everyday is a big fat how'd I get here? What brought me to this point? Where will I go now?

I think I'd like to try this blogging thing out again. I miss having a creative outlet of some sort. To put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) is something I kind of miss. To write down how I'm feeling. I've never been great at expressing my emotions verbally (I cry) and God knows that I need to get some of this stuff out. To just kind of sort through...to clean out, get rid of, and file away and to make room for the new.

So here I am. 28 years old. Basically starting over.

2014 has been a hard year. 2013 was a hard year.

And here's to more. Because I'll be damned if I let this get the best of me.

"Because now that it's finally morning, the shadows are beginning to fade. The shadows that have been covering my mind and soul. Now that they're gone, I can almost start to see the way, and it's different from the one they'd convinced me was all I could have."


Black Friday!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!! I sure did.... I stuffed myself silly! At least I ran a 5K in the morning to counteract the amount of food that was consumed. I think I still gained at least 3 pounds though. It was worth it. 

I have to admit that I already got a start on Christmas! I ordered my cards on Shutterfly and I couldn't be happier with them! They gave me a code so I could post it on here and I get $10 dollars off my next order so I figured might as well share! 

I also survived my first black friday experience. And it was nothing like you see on TV. I just went to Target this morning at 9am and it was packed at all! It was actually quite enjoyable. I sipped on a coffee and got a few things checked off my list. To be honest though, I snagged a few good deals for myself. I couldn't help it! =) 

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live and let live.

Going through my drafts. I opened this one up that I wrote almost a year ago in December. I have no memory of writing it, what it's about, or even who. But I liked it. I'm posting it now for others to read. Thanks for indulging me in my random blog updates. =) 

I'm going to tell a story. If not for your pleasure then for my memory. 

So I was pmsing...
Getting mad at someone that didn't necessarily do anything wrong but in my eyes they were just being annoying. I was being super stubborn about the situation.  
Anthony was around for the whole exchange.

He called me on my shit. 
I got mad. 
But then he came back to me and said... 
"you know i think one of your best qualities is that you live and let live.." 
He went on to say that he admires this in me and it makes him try to do this as well and not be judgemental. I can honestly say that he made my attitude change right away. 

He thinks this of me. We have been together for 5 years and he has never said those words to me. It was a really awesome feeling to hear the person that you love say kind words to you about you. 

I just want to remember this. That someone thinks this of me. So when I start being judgy about something and I can reflect and know that someone looks up to me and that I should change my attitude.

I love Anthony for reminding me to act more like myself. 

Also,  wouldn't that be a cool tattoo? Live and Let Live. I like it. 

4 years ago.

Four years ago I wrote my first blog post. (CRAZY)

After California voted YES on Prop 8. After Barack Obama become our 43rd president.

Here we are again. After all is said and done. Obama is still our president and I couldn't be happier with that! I know where he stands with a lot of the issues that matter most to me!

As for equality and marriage rights.. Other states last night voted and approved those rights! Progress!! It's awesome to see us moving FORWARD.

I hope we can all come together. Because this is our America. We make it what it is... together.


Summer 2012 in a nutshell.

Hi. Hello. Hola?! Anyone still there?? 

I have neglected my poor little blog for over 4 months now. 

It just hasn't been a priority to journal. With the lack of internet at my house, (cost an arm and leg to get it where I live now) the only time I get to blog is when I go to coffee shops after work or on the weekends. And to be honest, I have been LAZY. 

I still check my google reader daily to read all of my favorite blogs.... but that's it. =)

I thought today was as good as any day to try and start back up. =) 

Let's start with a photo recap of the last few months...


Relay For Life 

River time with my sister! 

Brew Fest with a big group of friends! 

Meeting Chris Powell at a local event!!! And yes, he is as hot and nice in person as he seems. 

SF for the day! 
Wraped Tour in SF. Took me back to highschool 

Dinner in SF and exploring. 

Cousins Bachelorette party in Reno! We had a blast and almost lasted until the sun came up.


Went to NYC for a long weekend. It's my most favorite city. I dare to call it home someday... *soon*

Celebrated my cousins wedding day!

The kiss! 

Fun at the bars with friends. 

My cousin gave birth to a precious little boy.


The Color Run Sacramento with my girl, Stephanie.

Added a new member to the family. Meet Boston!

Visited with out Great Grandma for her 99th Birthday! 

Went to Half Moon bay for a morning hike with our cousin. ( I have a lot of cousins.... or I just hang out with them a lot according to my descriptions..lol)

Went to another Brew fest! What can I say...I like beer? 


Went to Reno. Had coffee. =) 

Went to the balloon races in Reno. Gorgeous morning. 

Headed down to LA to celebrate Leslie. We had her bridal shower on a Friday evening. After we were done, we packed up the car and drove through the night to Vegas. We arrived in Vegas at 5:45am. Just in time to see the sunrise. 

We did Vegas right. After having no sleep Friday night we stayed up for all of Saturday. We relaxed by the pool, in our huge suite, and then suited up to go out on the town. We didn't go to bed until 3:30am on Sunday morning. We stayed up for almost 2 days straight.

Sunday Morning we got up and had mimosa brunch. lounged by the pool some more. Got pretty again.

Sunday night we had dinner at Serendipity. Tried the famous frozen hot chocolate. It was also my birthday on Monday so I got to celebrate my birthday Sunday night. Sunday night was wild. But as they say, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  We went to bed at 5 am Monday morning. Then flew home that same day. It was a crazy fun adventure.

I have more to September but the pictures aren't uploaded yet. It will have to be saved for another day. I'm just glad that I got to share some of my adventures for the summer on the blog before I forget about them.



27 dresses.

One of my best friends is getting married this October. I'm super excited to be apart of her big day! 
It's been a fun time trying to pick out bridesmaids dresses as well. Lots of pictures back and forth.
I wish we could just go to Macy's or Nordstrom and pick a dress since we would be more likely to wear it again. The hard part with that is finding the dress in all of our sizes in different Macy's in California. I guess that's the good part about Davids Bridal. 

We still haven't decided on the dress but here are a few of the ones we tried on. =) 

Now it's time to start planning the bachelorette party! VEGAS here we come! =) 
I'm not looking forward to being there for my birthday again this year but it will be fun to be with friends. =) 


Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo was a really long time ago I realize. Well not that looong ago but it sure feels like it. 

My Madre was born on Cinco de Mayo! So my sister and I celebrated with her during the day. We took out to lunch and we got pedicures. It was a fantastic day! 

Happy Birthday Mom! =)

Later, I went to a team fundraiser for Relay for Life. One of our teammates hosted a dinner party. We all just paid $10 bucks and she provided a wonderful taco dinner. And someone even had mustaches to play with. No cinco de mayo is complete without one of those. =) 

After dinner, the fiesta continued with a whole bunch of friends in Nevada City. It was a very successful day! Lot's of fun! 

This summer is shaping up to be a good one! =)