happy saturday!

Week in the life of me as told through random BB photos. =)
Easter morning mimosa
Lunch at California Organics in Nevada City
Shopping at a consignment store I saw my first pair of apple bottom jeans. lol
Lovely blossoms on the tree. I like Spring.
My new bracelet that I'm loving! They are zippers! Different and cool.

Happy Weekend to you all! I hope it's perfect.


that one time i wore a dress..

I'm doing it. I'm doing an outfit post. My first time ever.
I'm not that fashionable person but I would like to think that I can put together a cute outfit. On an everyday basis you can usually find me in jeans, some kind of tee, possibly a scarf or a necklace, and either flats, sandals, or TOMS. Oh and maybe a cardigan if its chilly or I'm going to work.


Dress: Forever 21, Necklace: local store called Contrast, Jacket: Target, Shoes: Payless

I wanted to be able to wear this dress without the nylons and totally different shoes but it was cold... so i worked with what I had.

Oh and don't mind my goofiness. I can't help that.. I was born that way. =)



A few pictures from Easter. I didn't take too many which is a bummer. I always kick myself in the butt the next day for not getting more photos. I always bring my camera with me but sometimes I'm too busy living in the moment to step back and take pictures. Goal: start taking more pictures!
Anyhow, Saturday night we had an Easter dinner at my moms house. It was fun. We had a lot of great conversations that night. Everything from travel, the economy, to bodily functions... haha. Sunday, we had brunch at my grandpas house with my Dad and step mom. Finally to Anthony's families house for dinner. Holidays are always eventful for me. Hope everyone had a great weekend. =)



Before I head out for the night to officially kick off the weekend I wanted to do a purge of my BB photos from the past week. I didn't realize that I took so many pictures with my phone. But I'm really liking doing the weekly update with them because sometimes carrying around my nikon just isn't ideal. (even though i wish it were..)
On sunday, Anthony and I rode our bikes down to the fairgrounds because they were having a home and garden show. We ate an ice cream in the grass. It was lovely.
The best dessert! frozen waffle, strawberries, and cool whip. yummmm...
Browsing through the records at the thrift store on my lunch break. Didn't find anything worth taking home. bummer.
Rewarding myself with a mid-week beer. I worked all day then came home and cleaned out all my drawers and closet. I have a bag going to the thrift store and a bag to the consignment store.
Our hospital volunteer staff puts on a used book sale every few months. I love going and looking through all the old books. And finding first editions of cool books. I bought a sweet old copy of 1984 this go around.

Again, have a good weekend. =)

oh happy day!

I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.

I have a pep in my step.

Today feels good.

I feel well. And I think I look good too.

Wearing a new gorgeous necklace. And my most favorite jeans.

I felt inspired this morning when I read this.

The world is at my finger tips this morning and I hope nothing changes my mood.

Happy Good Friday! Happy Earth Day! Happy Everyday!

Enjoy the weekend! What is everyone doing?


take 2

BlackBerry purge take 2!

Last Saturday night. I was at Anthony's parents house. Drinking vino and waiting for Terrie (his mom) to do my hair for the Red Light Ball. It's a local fundraising event for local police and fire departments. Super fun!
Lemon yogurt pancakes @ Katrina's in Auburn. YUM! I can't wait to go back to this place. So many good things on the menu.
Anthony and I @ REI. Trying on backpacks for Costa Rica. We ended up buying these ones. Can't wait!
Shopping @ Target for my cousins new baby. Love the shades and swim suit! So cute!
Lovely Chai @ South Pine cafe in Nevada City. Seriously guys, if ever in Northern California and in Nevada City... please go there. Check out the reviews on yelp if you don't believe me. ;)
Absolutely gorgeous day. Sitting outside at lunch with a friend @ Ikes.
Sweet potato chowder, awesome salad with green onion vinaigrette, and the best corn bread of my life. Check out Ikes cafe too while your in Nevada City. ;)

I hope that the weekend treats everyone well. I'm looking forward to a baby shower, a BBQ, and maybe a bike ride? Oh and the SUN!



oh so blue.

This week has been kind of a weird one. Many ups and downs for me. Emotionally mostly. Nothing horrible happened but I was just in a funk. Probably and most likely due to PMSing...but still. My sister and mom went down to LA this week and went to Disneyland. I was just in a bummed mood all week because I couldn't go. I hate how stupid jobs get in the way of that. Of something really fun and something really important (all relative). Is it more important for me to spend time with my family in the happiest place on earth or to bill patients their medical bills?
I 100% think that family, friends, new adventures, classes, etc are more important to your well being then a stinking job. I know that you can't do these things without working but when I can't go because I don't have any PTO left then I get bitter about it. I missed out on a Mother/Daughter week....all for sitting at a darn desk and staring at a computer screen. I don't feel like my job is important. I don't feel like I'm becoming a better person. I don't feel like I'm needed. *ook ok ok...yes, maybe a little exaggeration.
Yesterday, I was seriously fed up and couldn't get the thought of quitting out of my mind. I don't get paid enough. The only reason I'm able to go on trips is because I had a good savings built up and because I don't buy many "things". I realistically wont be quitting or changing careers anytime soon... we all know the economy is in the crapper.
Today, things went better. It was the little things. A friend asking if I wanted to get lunch. Enjoying being outside if not only for an hour. A surprise iced coffee when I got back. These are the kinds of things that get me through. Until I do something that I love. What is that you ask, I sure as hell don't know.


BB photos

I feel like I have seen a lot of people doing the cell phone picture purge and I really liked the idea so I decided I would do it too. Here's to a week in Blackberry pictures! =)

Yummy lunch @ California Organics in Nevada City. Cabo Dilla is what they called it. It had bacon in it too.... oh yes.
Margarita at Cabo Wabo in South Lake Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe. Love the snow on the beach.
My parents cute little sheep. The little brown one was born in February. She is super sweet.

I got my first pedicure of the season! Just in time for it to start snowing again...grrr.
Mini lemon cupcake. Yummm. Enjoyed them at the monthly committee meeting for Relay for Life.

That was fun. I might try to do that weekly or whenever...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



2011 is flying by!!

March came went by so fast that I'm late doing my monthly roundup..but better late than never.
So here goes nothing:

-It rained and snowed pretty much the entire month. Except for the last few days where the sun finally decided to show its self and warm me up!
fyi:California is no longer in a drought because of the record rainfall we experienced!

-Went to Weaverville in Trinity county for a cousins wedding. Had a great weekend getaway with the family. We stayed in a cute Bed and Breakfast.

-Walked in the Mardi Gras Parade for Relay for Life. It was fun! Next year we need to buy more beads though because we ran out!
<span class=

-Celebrated Anthony's 23rd birthday! I took him to a dinner and a movie. I also bought him the P90X system. We also had a party at our house. 19 people in our little apartment! Crazy!

-The next weekend I went to San Francisco with my co-worker and the Sacramento Day trippers to see Rock of Ages! It was soooo fun! I felt like I was at a rock concert. I laughed so much too! I recommend the show!
(Constantine Maroulis from American Idol is the star of the show!)

-I also had a girls night in downtown Sacramento with a couple of my best girls. We stayed out way too late though... 4am is pushing it for my 24 year old body ;)

-Then of course several little dates with Anthony. We are always doing something. Rather it's a quick dinner or a Sunday running errands. But I like to think of all those little things as dates. =)

-Costa Rica planning. Plane tickets purchased.

-Several Relay for Life meetings. Only 2 months away! Crazy!

I think that takes care of most of the main events and highlights from March. I hope the first quarter of the year has been treating everyone well.

Cheers to spring!


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!


I spent part of the weekend in South Lake Tahoe. The other part was spent visiting with family.
It was a nice weekend to say the least. There really isn't anything better then getting away for the night with a group of great friends.


Here's to a good week! Cheers!