Before I head out for the night to officially kick off the weekend I wanted to do a purge of my BB photos from the past week. I didn't realize that I took so many pictures with my phone. But I'm really liking doing the weekly update with them because sometimes carrying around my nikon just isn't ideal. (even though i wish it were..)
On sunday, Anthony and I rode our bikes down to the fairgrounds because they were having a home and garden show. We ate an ice cream in the grass. It was lovely.
The best dessert! frozen waffle, strawberries, and cool whip. yummmm...
Browsing through the records at the thrift store on my lunch break. Didn't find anything worth taking home. bummer.
Rewarding myself with a mid-week beer. I worked all day then came home and cleaned out all my drawers and closet. I have a bag going to the thrift store and a bag to the consignment store.
Our hospital volunteer staff puts on a used book sale every few months. I love going and looking through all the old books. And finding first editions of cool books. I bought a sweet old copy of 1984 this go around.

Again, have a good weekend. =)


Meri said...

i love going through used books too! never know what you'll find!

wilybrunette said...

ah, blue moon!

and umm, start up that grass valley again--i love that idea. and i respectfully disagree that it's not as exciting as nyc!