Tahoe Fun

I love Lake Tahoe!

A few weekends ago Anthony and I took the hour and half drive over to Lake Tahoe. At the last minute I made reservations at the Zephyr Cove campgrounds on the South shore. We didn't fully camp... We only really slept at the campgrounds in our tent and ate out and did a bit of gambling. It's just cheaper to sleep on the ground in a tent than book a hotel room... especially at the last minute. We did have a camp fire though and roasted a few mallows.

The weekend was perfect!! We ate yummy food, laid on the beach looking toward the most beautiful lake in the world, spent quality time together, and just enjoyed ourseleves all together.

I was playing with fire...well just actually just my camera...but I took about 100 pictures of the fire. I was pretty.

Emerald Bay!


Mrs.Sargent said...

This looks so fun! You are a babe in your swimming pic!!

molly YEH! said...

how beautiful that looks!!!! i'm jealous. i need to get out of the city for a vacay!!