Happy Halloween!

Oh man. I'm exhausted from this past weekend.

Halloween Party on Friday night and the Zombie Crawl in Reno on Saturday (into Sunday)...

I dressed up as a Zombie Ballerina...I will have to get a few shot of my outfit up tonight.

Anthony did an awesome job with his makeup.... I went for the more pretty zombie look.

Today I'm dressed up as an 80's workout girl. I'm going to take it easy tonight though. Maybe go to my parents house and help pass out candy. =)

What are you doing for Halloween?


Libby said...

I always go for the pretty versions of things too ;) and I am a girl scout and Bret is a boy scout! I hand made our sashes and everything

jessica said...

love the makeup! so much fun! i love halloween.

stopping by from kelly's korner.

Arielle said...

scary! ha'
Over from Kellys Korner!