About me.

I'm uber sensitive. 

I'm very emotional.

I feel strongly. 

I have high anxiety

But I do know that I'm smart. And that I'm beautiful. And that each freckle on my face was perfectly placed. And that my emotions are worth something. That I have a great things to say. That I'm strong: mind, body, and soul. That I can and will do something good with my life. 

And when I smile too big you can't even see my eyes.


brittney375 said...

in a way i envy you ashley. =] you feel so confident in which you should =] luv u ash

heisschic said...

beautiful smile!

i actually used to squinch up my eyes when i smiled because i thought (and still think) that you look so much happier with a big smile and squished eyes.

but i just looked dumb.

(you look HAPPY)

Erica said...

that is possibly the biggest smile of yours that i've ever seen captured.

and damn straight you are, and i love you :)