Good news.

So a few things...

Yesterday at the gym I did 3 miles on the treadmill in 28 minutes. Whooo!

Then today I went to the gym again and did the same thing in 26 minutes and 55 seconds! woot!

I feel myself doing this damn
thing. I imagine myself getting fit, feeling good, and loving to exercise! (I'm using the secret and positive affirmations...)

I need to just start by getting in better shape and then starting to incorporate the bike and swimming into my routine. I'm going to get my bike this next Saturday. :) And once the weather gets more warm I will be going out to the lake and start my swimming. I'm excited.

On a different note: Today the ladies and I went for a walk to a near by farmers market. I bought some freshly made pesto and some beautiful strawberries.
For dinner tonight I made an incredible pizza. I bought a boboli pizza crust (I'm just too lazy to make my own after going to the gym), mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and used the red onion i bought at last weeks farmers market. I used the pesto as the sauce. Combined. Baked. Bam! Awesome pizza was had. I love when food comes together perfectly...


Anonymous said...

your food looks soooooo good!!!!!

brittney375 said...

mmmmm yummy ash!