Self Doubt

I'm having a little bit of self doubt right now.

I'm planning on doing the BSM triathlon again this year but this time I wanted to try and do it by myself. Last year I did it as a team and I was the swimmer. It was a lot of fun and I was exhausted after doing just one event of the three. I just need to believe in myself a little more and I need to start training... ya, ya i know.. I haven't really started training yet either which is where a lot of the self doubt is coming from too. I'm going to the gym tonight after work though and I will push myself harder than I normally do. I'm out of shape. I will be the first to admit it. But that is why I want to do the triathlon.. I want to have a goal, something to work towards to make myself exercise. It's a chore for me.. I want to love running, biking, and just being physical in general. I want to be active and have an active lifestyle. I need to start changing my ways now because it's only going to get more hard as I get older.

Team Snap, Crackle, Pop BSM Triathlon 2008. Liz the biker, me the swimmer, and Erica the runner. Yay!


* said...

i have the same feelings... i'm scared! but i want to like it too. i want to be one of those active and in shape adults and old people.

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