hot child in the city

So it's official... I get to take a trip this summer. Erica and I are going to Florida. :) Ft.Lauderdale and Orlando to be exact!!! We are going to try and drive down to Key West (weather permitting... august=prime hurricane month for Florida..JOY), enjoying some beach time in Miami, trying some yummy Cuban food, and playing at Disney World for a day, and lets not forget shopping!! Then we plan on driving up through Georgia (hitting Savannah and possibly Atlanta), South Carolina and then stopping in Charlotte, North Carolina where our friend Tony lives. I can't wait to try some Southern food, BBQ included! We plan on flying home from Charlotte but I kinda of have an idea working up in my mind.... I think it would be fun to head up to Washington, DC and have Anthony fly in and meet me there, spend a few days checking out the sites. Then take a train up to NYC! How fabulous would that be? We will see about that though..

If it doesn't work out, Ant and I are still planning a trip for NYC for later in the year. Oct-Nov 09.

This summer is shaping up to be a good one. Bring on the heat!

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