weekend roundup!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!
I sure did.
-Went to the Apple store.. they told me my hard drive bit the dust. Good thing i backed up semi recently.
-Had dinner with Anthony at BJs. Met up with Erica, Brit, Leslie, and Chris at Mels for a milkshake.
-Coffee and bagels on a perfect Saturday!
-Went on a River hike.
-Yummy dinner. Fun times at the Bar with friends.
-Superbowl party and snackies galore.
Wish I could share pictures from the events but you understand. =)
In other news, I leave for Nashville, TN on Wednesday. Spending a few days there with a friend.
Any suggestions for must sees, do's and eats?
Would love to hear!
I hope to return with some fun pictures of the fun that will be had!


Meri said...

I've never been to Nashville, but can't wait to hear some recommendations when you get back!

Kimbirdy said...

it sounds like a great weekend, other than the computer crashing. rest in peace little computer! have fun in nashville!

Katz NYC said...

Never been to Nashville, but it looks like a fun town to be at. Let us know what you discovered.