just some more..

Today was long... and I'm glad to be in bed now. :)

Although, I did get a lot of stuff done tonight. After work I went to the store and bought some more stocking stuffers for Ant. It's kind of hard picking out those things for boys.. girls are way easier.

Then I came home and made dinner. I decided to make blueberry pancakes and Ant had the great idea to add chopped pecans to the batter. Yum-O! They turned out really well. Kudos to my boyfriend.
(do you like my retro plates? I got them from my great grandma and they are from England too)

And I was in the mood to cook more so I decided to make this recipe that i found from this very cool site called Simply Recipes. There are a lot of recipes that I want to make from this site. Oh and her photography of the food is really awesome too!
Anywho, It didn't turn our quite the way i wanted it to but it was still a fun and tasty experience. Next time we will use a different kind of apple, smaller apples, and i would like to have a baster too.

I did more work on my Christmas Ornaments too which are turning out to be really nice and way more fun then i had expected.
Thank God tomorrow is Friday btw. :) We are probably going to go to Reno for the weekend and it's supposed to snow.. really low. yay.

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