a friend..

I had dinner the other night with my long time friend Ryan who is by far the craziest guy I know but in a good way. It was fun catching up and telling him my stories from New Zealand because he has been there before so he actually knew what I was talking about. He told me all about his next big adventure that he will be doing. He will be hiking the entire 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail which takes you from the Mexico boarder to the Canadian boarder. He will start in the middle of April and hopefully be done by September. Can I just say...how..insane..is.. this..???
But on the other hand it's very inspirational for me as well. He has always been super adventurous and just seems to go for what he wants. I think we can all draw inspiration from people like this and it's even better if you are someone like this yourself but let's just face it.. we all can't be. I can't wait to hear about the trials of the trail . :-)

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