10 things.

10 Things that make me HAPPY!
1. Warm Summer Nights
2. Rainy mornings (when I get to sleep in!)
3. Frozen Yogurt
4. Big city lights
5. Classic Rock n' Roll
6. The Women in my family (sisters, cousins, mom, grandmas, aunts, etc)
7. The Food Network
8. Loving text messages.. especially from my babe.
9. Going to Breakfast (but pretty much any meal out makes me happy)
10. New Zealand and anything Kiwi!
So I decided to do this because of this awesome blog. I have been addicted to it for some time now and even found most of the blogs I follow through that one. I love the blogging world. There is so much inspiration out there. It makes me happy. So number 11 on my list would be the blogging world!


Jasmine said...

i am OBSESSED with the food network! (in fact, i'm watching a recorded episode of everyday italian right now at my mom's house; we don't have cable - blah!) i really like to watch it while i'm eating. haha!

and i totally agree with your thoughts on the blogging world. it's the best. i am always in a good mood when i'm blogging. :)

Celeste said...

Even though this is more than 2 years old I still love a lot of things on this list! Namely, the Food Network, rainy mornings and eating breakfast out :)