3 day Weekend!

I had a fabulous weekend! Except for the fact that my allergies were at an all time high with the worst sore throat of my life, the itchiest eyes ever, and a nose that would stop draining.. but besides that it was great.

Friday Night after work I head to Roseville to meet up with my sis Erica. We went out to dinner at a new place called Tres Agaves. Muy Delicioso. I had the tacos al pastor and they were awesome! After that we headed to the Big Spoon for my favorite dessert, frozen yogurt! Side note: GV is opening a frozen yogurt shop in June. It's going to be within steps of my front door too. YES! After Erica and I went back to her house and laughed until we went to bed.

Saturday was an early morning. Waking up at 5:30am to get to Arco Arena early to see our friend graduate from Sac State with his BS in Criminal Justice. It was a beautiful day for a graduation. We had to stay at Arco from 7:15 until 2:30 though. Don't ask. I got to try Chick-fil-a for my first time though and it was damn good. I want to go back and try more of their sauces.

Erica and I went back to her house for a little rest before any more activity was had for the day. I needed a nap bad and I felt great after a nice 40 minute nap. We ended up meeting back up with Dan and my friend Justin for some dinner @ BJ's. It was nice to chat and catch up. I drove back home that night around 11. It was a nice long day.

Sunday was nice because I got relax for the greater part of the day. Anthony and I went to breakfast and lazed around until 1 when I started getting ready to go to Reno with my friend Lacie and Claire. We were going to Reno to see the Thunder from Down Under @ the Atlantis! Ohhh yes we did! It was a great time. The show was fun, cheesy, hot, and hot. LOL!

After we met up with my twin cousins Kyla and Heather and we planned on going out to a few clubs. We ended up going to the 210 North which was a pretty nice club. They know a guy who works there who got us in for free and VIP. It was pretty sweet because they had Jonathan Davis (the lead singer from Korn) DJ'ing. It was fun! We danced our butts off and headed home at around 2:30.

Monday, we woke up around 10:30 and made our way back over the summit at 11:30. Caught some traffic but it was pretty smooth over all. I relaxed and took a lil snooze when I got home. Then Ant and I headed over to my Dads for a 'bbq'. I made it back home in time to watch my daily dose of reality tv, the Bachelorette and here come the Newlyweds. Then I was off to bed for an early start to a new week at work.
What a great weekend filled with a lot of different things. I love summer time when the days are long and filled with fun.

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