Isn't it Ironic.. Don't you think?

So I'm sure everyone has heard of the whole Cash for Clunkers thing, right? Well it's been a conversation topic of many the past week. Anthony has even looked up my car to see what I would qualify for and how much a new car would cost me. It sounds like a great idea get a new car with free money. Last night we had another conversation about it and he was trying to convince me to just do it. My whole thing is I don't want to buy a new car until mine is done-zo. I don't want a car payment and definitely don't want to have to pay for full coverage! I rather travel and do fun stuff with that money. Who cares what kind of car you drive? I don't. I have had the same car since highschool. It's been a trusty companion on many adventures. Yes, it's given me some grief but what car hasn't? Plus I have been lucky to have car mechanics in my life.

This morning I drove to work. My car started just fine. Ready to take me to my destination.

This afternoon at work I had to go do some office errands. Someone offered to go but i said no that i would do it. I love to get out of the office when I can. I walk over to big blue as I like to call her, keys in my hand, open the door and slide in. Key goes into ignition. Turn..Turn...Turn.. Nothing. No roar from the engine, no stereo blasting me with music... nothing. You have got to be kidding me!? Why won't you start!? And all I could think about was that I should have turned my car in last night for the cash for clunkers deal.



Erica said...

wtf... hells

Darkin said...

Well...not to late maybe? It could be a cheap repair and you could stay with your car or trade it in after its been fixed...but yeah very ironic :/