It's good.

Today I'm happy.

I got a nice haircut. It's my normal haircut but I'm really liking it right now.

I'm wearing a new purple shirt that was only $5.

It's wonderfully beautiful outside.

I had iced chai tea latte.

I'm still smiling from learning how to process and develop my first roll of black and white film.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I love hump day!
(A Wedding, Harvest fair, Art tours and maybe visiting with family. Looking good!)

And I'm looking forward to cooking dinner tonight.. even though I don't know what yet it will be. I just enjoy cooking more this time of the year.

It's good to be happy. Even with the most simplest things in life. It's what makes it worth living.

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Anonymous said...

you are so cute and a good person!!
I love the little thing you wright!!
Love you Mom xoxo