This wasn't my first Rodeo...

Despite the bad news of last week, I still managed to have a good time with my friends on Saturday night. We had tickets to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding). Now I'm definitely not a cowgirl, a hick, and I can barely call myself a country girl although i do technically live in the country... but a lot of my friends do fit under one of these categories. :) It was actually a really good time.

I drank way to much beer.

Didn't eat enough food.

Mingled with a ton of Country folk.

And danced my booty off at the after party at Rockin Rodeo which is a cute country bar in the downtown Sacramento area. We were on the 'List' so we got to bypass the huge line too.

Can't wait to hang out with everyone again. I always have a good time with my girls.

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