Last week was insane.

Monday was Anthony's family birthday party.

(Ant's birthday a few years back..cute)
Tuesday would normally be my photography class but this week it was Ant's birthday. So we did Thai and a movie. The Hurt Locker. (really good)

(Ant and I at the Blink and Weezer concert..it's a cute one)
Wednesday I rushed and did laundry (at the laundry mat) and then went to a dinner party.

(At the dinner party...making some sushi!)
Thursday went to the Zac Brown Band concert in Sacramento. Didn't get home until 12:30, went to sleep at 1:30.

(Brit, me, Kim, and Lacie and our $9 dollar beers)

Friday was another sushi date with my sister and cousin. After eating we took it over to the local dive bar (the Mine Shaft...affectionately known as the Shaft.)

(me, Cyndi, and Brit)
Saturday was another crazy day. I went to a going away party with my friend, Kim. It was for her brother. The party started at 2. That's when I started drinking. I was at very nice level point until I did a Jager Bomb. Down hill from there. Let's just say that I can't even think or look at alcohol.... for a while.

(Kim and I)

(Justin and I.. don't you like the yellow sign coming out of my head like I'm wearing a graduation cap?)

Sunday... felt like poooooop......didn't do anything. I had a two day hangover! Not even kidding. Has that ever happened to anyone else?

To say the least it was an awesome, amazing, long, tiring week. Cheers to another!



been there & done that~ booo...to hangover!

Kayla said...

Sounds like you had a crazy week!!


Melissa said...

Sounds like such a fun week!

I wanted to let you know that Rock of Ages is on an unlimited run, meaning there's no closing date. It could be around for years... fingers crossed! Definitely get tickets ASAP... you'll love it! And I'd love to meet up for lunch one day when you're here, let me know the details!