So this is a little late but about a month ago Anthony and I went down to Sacramento to see RENT! It was the most beautiful day. The show was amazing. I'm so glad I got to see it while it was in town, not to mention the very last day of the show for the tour!! Oh and with original cast members! Yay! I can't imagine anyone else playing Mark.. Anthony Rapp just does it so well!

We had pretty close seats too! Which was awesome!! :)

We stood outside the cast room door that lead outside so we could get some autographs and see the stars! :) Adam Pascal was the first out which was really surprising! We weren't sure if Anthony Rapp was going to come out but he finally did!

It was a really FUN day! I can't wait to go to more Broadway shows when I visit New York!

Here are a few more pictures of the downtown Sacramento area. The state capital building is beautiful! I think it would be fabulous to live in Midtown. Expensive though.

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