It's official!!!!

I just bought my plane tickets to NYC. I'm the most excited I have been in forever.

New York is like this dream place to me. I think it is to a lot of people. It's a place where things happen. dreams come true. where you make it or break it. I'm excited that I will be apart of that for a week. The hustle and bustle of the streets. The sounds of the city.

I come from a pretty small town. There are about 15,000 people in the city limits (i could be wrong though... have to wait for the 2010 census to update me! ha). I have seen and been to big cities before. I love San Francisco. Sacramento is charming. And LA is fun. But there's just something about New York City (even though I have never been..) It's like a foreign country.


*The person who took above photo is named on the picture.


mina said...

i had a layover in nyc for 8 hours. we liked it so much that we're going back for month!

Mel said...

Woohoo!!!!! Girl, you're gonna have the time of your life. I just e-mailed you but again, we have to spend an afternoon together! I know it's hard when you're traveling with other people, but I'd love to come along to a museum or something. Let me know!