empire state of mind: part 3

"One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years." -Thomas Wolfe

This day was dedicated to shopping. I personally don't need a whole day to do this but my cousins were really set on it. The boys went and did there own thing this day. We started on 5th Ave.. at Saks. I honestly felt like Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman (except for the fact that I was in NYC and not Beverly Hills). It's amazing how much some of these things go for. I was trying to picture myself as a really wealthy person and questioning if I could honestly drop $800 dollars on one top. I don't think so. It was fun none the less. Louis, Bergdorfs, Juicy, etc.. We were supposed to meet the boys back on West 48th and 6th...but we ran over to Times Square to get our makeup done at MAC for the show that we were going to see that night. CHICAGO fyi! :) My makeup artist was cool. She listened to me when I said I didn't want anything crazy.. just a smoky eye. It was nice having someone else do my makeup. The boys met us at MAC and after we finished we rushed back to Brooklyn to change and do our hair then took the F train back over to Times Square. The show was awesome. I love broadway! After we went to an Irish pub for some drinks and appetizers. We eventually got back home around 2 am!

We woke up late considering the time we went to bed the morning before. haha. We went back up to Central Park and found a place to have lunch. The waiter at this place was super friendly! After our meal we made our way up to Strawberry fields. It was cool to see such an iconic spot. Central Park is beautiful. If I lived in NYC I would definitely frequent this park. We strolled around for quite some time then found a nice place to relax. We all fall asleep for a good hour. It was probably one of the best naps ever. After I sucked down a Red Bull. We spent a few more hours in the park... and just really soaked it in. We were pretty hungry so we made our way back toward 34th street. The girls (not me..my cousins) wanted to go to Macys and opted to eat dinner at one of those cafeteria style places. Macky took Anthony and I to little Japan so we could try some Ramen. What a neat area of the city! I'm so glad we got to over to this area! I wish we could have spent more time here. We called it an early night and headed back to Brooklyn at about 10pm. I was thankful.

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