heat of the moment

Skipping a few much needed updates on events from the summer and going to Labor Day weekend. Every Labor Day weekend (for the past 5 years) has been spent in Reno, NV. I have family that lives there and we all just get together for one big party...and for the Rib Fest (sorry vegetarians!)

First off lets start with Friday. I picked up my sister from our parents house and we were on our way to get Anthony... And my car broke down. Lame. It's all better now...and we got there after a change of vehicles!

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing on the river, eating ribs, family time, listening to live bands ( Gin Blossoms {hey jealousy} and Asia {heat of the moment}), drinking 24oz cans of Coors Light on the street (reminder... We were in Reno, anything goes there. Kinda like Vegas) gambling at the most ghetto casino in Reno (The Sands), and going out for the cousins 21st birthday! Good times were had.

Anthony and I hanging out in by the River that runs through the city.

Brit and I showing some sisterly love and sharing our ice cream :)

My Crazy Family!

Brittney (Anthony's sister), me, and my sister Brittney. BTW Brittney on the right took all these pictures... I stole them. :)

My cousin Trevor who just turned 21, myself, and Anthony. Being crazy at the Rib Fest.

My sister and I mowing down on some yummy Ribs!!

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