here we are again

This weekend went by way too fast like usual. I had a really great one though. My sister who moved down to So Cal a year ago came up to visit and brought her new boyfriend. It was a quick trip for them but it was great to hang out with them. :)

We went out to the bars on Friday night when they got into town.

On Saturday, I took Erica and Chris out to Breakfast at my favorite spot in GV/NC: South Pine Cafe. If ever in the area I really suggest you go there.

Chris is from Southern California and hasn't really spent any time in Northern California. He kept making fun of us and giving us a hard time for the small town we are from. It was all just a front though because I know he really loved it up here and I secretly think he would move up here. We ended up going into a local wine tasting room in downtown Grass Valley to sample a few... you know, the normal Northern California thing to do. =) It was quite good.

We also went to the Empire Mine and just walked around. It was a beautiful day. It was a little on the hot side for this time of year but it was nice. They had a wedding to go at 3:30 so we part ways. And i took a wonderful nap.... sigh. I love naps.

On Sunday I had a fabulous day with my mommy! We went down to Roseville and did lots of shopping. We also got pedicures and did lunch. It was perfect. I really enjoy hanging out with my mom.

I hope you all had an AWESOME weekend as well! Enjoy the week ahead!


molly YEH! said...

omg that eggs benedict looks so good.

Ashley said...

It was bomb! :) It had spinach, tomato, bacon, and a jalapeno hollandaise sauce.