In the Kitchen...

I'm at it again this week. I tried out a Zucchini Soup recipe. I love zucchini. It has to be one of my favorite vegetables because of it's versatility. I found the recipe from one of my favorite food blogs. I adapted a little bit. Plus all the veggies were from a local farmers market. =)

Find the Recipe HERE~ I'm lazy and don't feel like typing it out! haha but incase your curious... Instead of the bread I used corn tortillas. I also used a whole jalapeno instead of a half. And next time I think I'm going to try and some diced green chiles. =) Oh and I also topped it off with some sour cream.


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kara lynn said...

mmmm i love vegetable soups. what a wonderful idea to do with my ginormous zucchini on the counter!!