spoiled girl

Anthony spoils me on birthday and on Christmas. Simple as that. He spends way to much money. I'm not going to lie. I enjoy it. =)

This year for my birthday he bought me a pair of these babies:
They are really nice shoes! I have took them out twice this week for a run. I hope to make it more often. I need to exercise.......

He also got me this beauty: A Nikkor DX VR 18-200mm F3.5-5.6

It's such a nice lens!! The image quality is awesome!


wilybrunette said...

oh man, good gifts!! and i wanna hear what you think about those shoes!!

kara lynn said...

um i would be quite happy with this selection of birthday gifts. how perfect!

Ashley said...

@meg I wanted to wait a few days to really give them a run.. and so far so good. I really like them! I can feel them working in my calf. I hope the upper half starts feeling it a bit more soon ;)

@kara haha thanks! He gives the best presents!