November Recap

November, thanks for being classy.

Fun that was had:

-Alan Jackson concert with friends

-birthday celebrations

-sushi date night with a girlfriend

-shopping trips with my mom

-babysitting the cutest little puppy ever

-making Christmas decorations for my house

-baking pies with the family

- a wonderful Thanksgiving with multiple family members

-going to the first Cornish Christmas of the year!

-slumber party @ a friends. Wine, talking about highschool, and digging the hot tub out from under 2 feet of snow!

-Picking out the perfect tree and decorating the house for Christmas

November wasn't the most event filled month but it was just what i needed. I love this time of year. I don't want it to slip away! I try my hardest not to wish away time and just live in the moment.

Have a joyous December!

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Kimbirdy said...

how fun! i loved november this year. so many little things to be thankful for!