come and gone

Well kids.. February has come and gone.. for a shorter month I still managed to squeeze as much as possible into it. Let's do a recap shall we?

-My sister Erica and her boyfriend Chris came up from LA for a fun visit. We were experiencing spring like weather while they were here. Went on a lovely little hike, ate yummy food, went to the bar, and had a great time catching up. =)

-Superbowl! Greenbay won. I wasn't really routing for anyone in particular..so either way it turned out was good.

-Traveled to Nashville, TN for the very first time. It was freezing over there and it even snowed. My friend Kim and I had a blast though. We went honkey tonking on Broadway, had mid-day beers, and went taxi broke.

(a picture i found online that was taken of us in Tooties)

-Spent the weekend with Leslie down in the Bay Area with her family. We saw Avenue Q at the Orpheum in San Francisco. Paid too much to get into a club in Walnut Creek. Explored Oakland. And had an interesting time at the bars in Martinez. It was a blast! Can't wait to go again! =)

-We went from having beautiful spring like weather for the first half of February to having total winter conditions for that later half. We had a huge snow storm hit us the last weekend of February. We got about a foot of snow at my house. It was beautiful and very fun! Anthony and I both had snow days last Friday! The one bad part is all of Nevada County was left powerless for days.

-Anthony finally fixed my computer as well! =) Its been a long month with no computer.

I'm looking forward to March! It's going to be a fun month full of plans! =) Plus Spring officially starts and we spring forward too! Yay for longer days! It gives me butterflies just thinking about it.


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Meri said...

Sounds like you got some fun stuff in while it was a chilly month :) I've never been to Nashville but I keep reading about it and think it sounds so fun!