'famous in a small town'

OK you guys... I have a funny story. At least I think it's funny...and if you don't that's fine. I just want to write it down.

Sooo...My sister Erica works at Disneyland in Tomorrowland. She works on Autopia and the recent opened Star Tours. She was working Sunday night when low and behold Leonardo Dicaprio and Blake Lively + group of their friends come to the ride with a special cast member to take them around. They got to bypass the line (of course they did...) and have their own private ride. My sis followed them up and saw them taking pictures of each other with the cell phones. She told me all about it on Monday morning! Being the good blogger that I am (rolling eyes) I decided to tweet the news to fellow blogger Lauren since I know she has a deep love for all things Leo. She appreciated the news and I went along with my day. Later, I receive a twitter message from a girl saying that she works at US weekly magazine and wants to know about my Blake + Leo encounter. I message her back telling her what I know via my sis. I noticed that she also tweeted another guy who tweeted something about seeing them at Disneyland. I didn't have that much information for them to really run a story or anything.....or so I thought....

I wake up Tuesday morning with the story being online at the magazines website plus several other 'news' sites. WTH?!?! They definitely ran a story with information that they received from little ol' me. CRAZY!! I still can't believe this... I was involved in ousting Blake and Leo.

Then, later in the day on Tuesday I receive another tweet from a guy works at PEOPLE magazine wanting to know what I know. I give him my email address... and he writes to asking me what I know and calls me 'an old pro at this'. We have exchanged a few emails. Everyone is so interested in this story because they think it's 'adorable that they went to Disneyland so early on in their relationship.'

Click here to read the article about them being in Disneyland. Reported by the new correspondent, Ashley Kosher. ;)


oh and PS: My sis and I already decided to start a gossip ring. She is going to give me all the dirty info from Disneyland and all I have to do is Tweet about it. They will come knocking! ;) Next time we will try to get pictures though...so atleast we can ask for some money!


Claire Kiefer said...

That is hilarious, no doubt about it. You're big time, now! You should start charing reporting fees. :)

Erica said...

btdubs.... we're awesome :)