BB pictures

I haven't done a purge of pictures take with my phone in a while... Here are some things and places that I have captured with my cell phone... And yes, I still use a blackberry which means I don't have Instagram. 

Yummy Fresh squeezed orange juice from my favorite breakfast spot, South Pine. 

Pretty start to the day. I was down at my moms house early one day to help her do some yard work. 

Beautiful sunset in Downtown Sacramento. The Sacramento River. 
INCUBUS!! Anthony and I went to their concert last week. It was AMAZING!!

Had dinner at my sisters house. I brought the Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale down to try... not bad! =) 


Camilla Leila said...

i loooove pumpkin ale :)

kimbirdy said...

ok, a zombie ballerina is the coolest idea ever!! can i borrow that idea sometime? i'll give you credit. :)