What do you think??

If you had to pick anywhere else in the world or in the US where would you live?? I have narrowed down my USA picks to 4. What do you think of these cities?

New York City, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego.




What do you think? If you had to pick one out of these 4 choices, which would you pick? Each has a lot to offer.

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Erica said...

If I to add one it would probably be Charlotte , NC but that pretty much covers the best places. :D

kimbirdy said...

ok, so i am completely in love with SF and miss it terribly since i moved away. BUT there are so many factors that go into picking a city. what are you hoping your life to be like? do you want to get away from where you grew up? are you wanting a true big city experience? etc. here are my thoughts on each of those 4 cities:
san diego: sunny, warm, beach, kinda boring {i know a lot of people who are terribly bored in SD and complain that it's a retirement town}.
San Francisco: open-minded, creative, anything-goes, very close to home for you, cold & foggy literally year-round, isolated from the rest of the world {we often felt like we lived in a foreign country being surrounded by water on three sides.}, jobs are hard to find.
Portland: the most beautiful city i have ever seen. seriously, i'm in love with the city itself. bookstores, coffee shops, great music, lots of outdoorsy adventure close by, but the people are seriously weird. like really really weird. and jobs are ridiculously hard to find.
new york: big city which offers anything you may want {except quiet solitude}, fast-paced, lots of culture, the east coast {which is VERY different from the west coast}, harder to find nature/wilderness close-by.

i think all could be great places to live, it's just a matter of what you're wanting. they're all so different! i usually want to move after 5 years, so i'm open to living in lots of different cities throughout my life, but likely sticking to the west coast. i'm from the east coast originally and it just was not for me. hooray for new places!