Weekend Roudup.

This weekend was glorious! It was the first taste of summer and it had me wanting more!

Friday: After work Anthony and I went to sushi. We have been craving it but sadly we couldn't go to our favorite place because they were closed. Sushi Q in Nevada city is still a nice treat. After, we strolled around with an ice cream cone. There is the cutest ice cream shop in Nevada City called Treats. Anthony tried their basil ice cream! Different but surprisingly good! I stuck with the bing cherry. Yum!

Saturday: I spent most of the day running errands in town. Stopped for a smoothie with Anthony. Then spent the afternoon at an open house at a local flower shop. My moms Relay for Life team hosted it. There were snacks and sangria which is my absolute favorite summer drink. It was a successful event!
Later that night, Anthony and I tried a new mexican restaurant and was pleased to find out it was very authentic! We will definitely go back.

Sunday: another day of sunshine. Started the day off with a little walk with a cup of joe. Did some cleaning, went to the laundry mat, and I had a relay for life meeting to go to that evening. We had it at a local brewery so that was nice. Sipped on a few brews while making Relay for Life plans and goals. 

All and all it was a fantastic weekend. I hope the cold front coming in passes by quickly so we can get more of this weather. Come on summer!  =) 

(please excuse the lack of order in my pictures... I'm using the blogger app on my phone and for some reason it doesn't keep the pictures in order....soooo annoying!) 

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Dancing Branflake said...

Ice cream, sushi, and Mexican food? You are my kind of woman!