live and let live.

Going through my drafts. I opened this one up that I wrote almost a year ago in December. I have no memory of writing it, what it's about, or even who. But I liked it. I'm posting it now for others to read. Thanks for indulging me in my random blog updates. =) 

I'm going to tell a story. If not for your pleasure then for my memory. 

So I was pmsing...
Getting mad at someone that didn't necessarily do anything wrong but in my eyes they were just being annoying. I was being super stubborn about the situation.  
Anthony was around for the whole exchange.

He called me on my shit. 
I got mad. 
But then he came back to me and said... 
"you know i think one of your best qualities is that you live and let live.." 
He went on to say that he admires this in me and it makes him try to do this as well and not be judgemental. I can honestly say that he made my attitude change right away. 

He thinks this of me. We have been together for 5 years and he has never said those words to me. It was a really awesome feeling to hear the person that you love say kind words to you about you. 

I just want to remember this. That someone thinks this of me. So when I start being judgy about something and I can reflect and know that someone looks up to me and that I should change my attitude.

I love Anthony for reminding me to act more like myself. 

Also,  wouldn't that be a cool tattoo? Live and Let Live. I like it. 

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Brittany Campbell said...

What a great story. Its always nice to hear affirmations like that. I just saw your comment on my blog and yes it is definitely possible to chase your dreams even in a great relationship! Don't let it hold you back! Good things always last!