Connor Anthony Osko
March 16th, 2009------- April 24th, 2009

Too Short. Too Young. Too Cute. Soooo Sad.

Life isn't guaranteed to any of us but its something that is expected, especially when you are a healthy new born baby. There is this strange phenomenon that took baby Connor's life, it's called SIDs (Sudden Infant Death) and it's just that... sudden. It takes about 1 out of every 2000 babies born each year.

I'm so sad for my cousin Kyla and her fiance Anthony's loss. Its tremendous and it breaks my heart. I'm sad in the fact that I never got to meet the little guy. He was only 5 weeks old and I had time to see him. But that's just it... I didn't and I didn't know. I know that he was wonderful baby because I know his parents and they are great people. I know that this will be hard for them but I also know that my cousin, Kyla will make the most of the horrible situation that she was handed and help others. She has a zest for life that most envy (myself included) and she will turn her lemons into lemonade as time heals
her wounds.


Anonymous said...

beautiful words Ash, Our prayers
are with Kyla and her family..xoxo

kathleen said...

This is so terribly, heartbreakingly sad. I am so, so sorry.