Do you ever wonder where the people from your past are? What they are doing? Who they have become?

People come in and out of your life in a matter of minutes, hours, days, months, and years. I feel the impact of this. I think the majority of people that i have spent time with have influenced my life in some form or another. It's crazy to think of the number of people this could amount to.

I was just reminiscing with Erica and thinking about all the fun times we have had together. Also the fact that I'm stepping back in time and having a Bunker Babe reunion this weekend has brought back a ton of old memories.
Have a good weekend!

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AmyK said...

I get in moods like that all the time, where I'm just curious what the people that used to be in my life are doing. They've gotta be somewhere, doing something... but where, what, and what happened?