Just playing around...

I started my photography class a few weeks ago. I'm excited to start learning how to operate my camera better and to process and develop my film in the dark room. I hope i can catch on quick and that i love it... i want to love it. I want and need to find my passions. :) Here are a few pictures from my first roll of film from my new 35 mm Nikon. I just had it developed at Longs (CVS) so I could see how the pictures would come out. Enjoy. 

                                                             The end of Sutton Way
                                                           Out my front door
                                               Looking down Church Street
                                                      Grass Valley- My apartment
                                                                 Colfax, CA- Train Station
                                                       Grass Valley, CA-Del Oro
                                 Grass Valley, CA-Anthony's grandparents victorian house


Erica said...

looking good!

brittney375 said...

i looooove all these pictures! there really good ash!