Have you ever?

Have you ever been told by someone you love that they don't think they have very much longer to be here? Here, as in, alive. I was just told that today by my grandma and it was tough. I get choked up in emotions and can't express myself without crying. I can barely tell someone how I feel about the weather without crying so to hear that come from my grandma...sigh.. again it was tough.

What would you do, if you physically could, if you knew you were going to die. I know we are all going to die but I mean if you knew tomorrow or next week, or next year would be your last? It's kind of a hard question. For me at least. There is so much I want to do, so much I want to experience. I want to travel. Travel far and wide to unknown beaches ,to big cities, to small villages, and to the center of nowhere. To me traveling is the best way to learn. I want to learn!

My list of wants could go on and on... but mostly I want to be happy.

I love my grandma and I know she is fighting...fighting real hard to stay here. Stay with the ones that love her. I hope she crossed off lot's of wants on her list during her lifetime. The biggest thing I have learned from this is that time is precious. Do what you want, live the life you want, and enjoy it.

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