What do we call it?

I was just recently asked if I thought it was "the beginning of a new decade or the end of one?"

I liked the question but I couldn't decide on my answer.

The end: The 00's were good. I was 13 when the clock struck midnight in 1999 turning into 2000. What an awesome age for the start of a new decade! It was my Coming of Age (cue music decade. It's when a lot of important things happen. First kisses, first boyfriends, first heartbreaks, drivers licenses, parties, becoming an adult, turning 21, graduations of all kinds (middle school, high school and college!), moving out of my parents, and so many more awesome firsts.

The Beginning: I have a feeling the 10's (how do we go about saying that?) will be just as awesome though. I'm thinking a new level of firsts are going to happen in this decade...Marriage, babies, turning 30 (EWWW), careers, travel, love, loss, and enlightenment. The decade of my adulthood. Crazy.

What do you think, the beginning or the end of a decade?


jennster said...

i am hoping it's the beginning of something amazing!!!!! something more enlightened and spiritual and people will be better to eachother and all things good! but i always want and hope for the positive! :)

Anonymous said...

Beginning!! Always a Beginning..

Kimberly said...

I think it's the beginning- The beginning of EVERYTHING.

Alicia said...

beginning....i'm all about beginnings...endings just seem so sad! like giving up!

Ashley said...

I agree with everyone...

Sometimes for me I just have a tough time seeing something end, especailly when it's good.