Help a sister out!

I'm really looking forward to May 22nd and 23rd.

WHY you ask?

I'm participating in the annual Relay For Life walk.

It's such an amazing event.

I have decided to walk in my Grandma's honor. She passed away earlier this year from thyroid cancer. She was an awesome person. She did so much, gave so much, and hardly asked for anything in return. She was an amazing lady.

I know that the American Cancer Society puts these events on annually in several locations. You should really check into it and see if there is one near you and your town. The Luminaria is something to see! They line the whole walk way with white bags with names of people fighting cancer or who passed away from cancer. They put candles in them and light them at night. It's beautiful. It actually makes me cry. (i'm sensitive, lol)

If you would like to donate to me and my team i would love you forever. You can make the donation in memory of anyone you want. Just remember it's for an awesome cause!

Happy Thursday and Tax Day!


Lauren said...

That is so inspiring!
I haven't had a loved one die of cancer, but I fully support the ideas of running/ walking for a better cause.
My goal: run a marathon one day.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

That's awesome, you rock!

Iva said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your grandma. A lovely tribute to walk in her honor.

Nicole Marie said...

good for you!!

Ashley said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! :)